Bennington Home Health Care is a different type of home health care service provider.

You can trust us to care for you or your loved one with compassion and dignity.

Read Our Story below to understand our approach to home health care and our business philosophy.

Our Story: Bennington Home Health Care

Bennington Home Health Care was conceived from the traditional belief that helping others is a joy.  Anyone who has cared for those in need has surely experienced the satisfaction that naturally flows from such good works.  We believe that joy can and should be a fundamental pillar of a business built upon providing quality health care.

We have all seen drastic changes in the health care industry.  For many health care providers, the primary focus has shifted from providing compassionate care to earning a profit.  On the other hand, we believe that our success comes from focusing on providing excellent and compassionate care for those we are called to serve.

Home health care works best when it helps real families in need of real help.  We started Bennington Home Health Care to bring back compassion and dignity to the people we proudly serve throughout all of Travis, Hays, and Comal Counties.
Bennington Home Health Care helps families by providing assistance with basic needs for loved ones who cannot fully care for themselves. After all, families have jobs, responsibilities, and other demands on their time.  Those demands can often make it difficult, if not impossible, to provide for the needs of a loved one on a regular and timely basis.

Bennington Home Health Care offers a cost-effective solution to providing essential services that minimize the strain on families in caring for elderly or disabled loved ones.  We proudly serve elderly and disabled people throughout the communities of Travis, Hays, and Comal Counties.

People should be able to live and remain where they are most comfortable, surrounded by the people they love. Bennington Home Health Care only hires care professionals who have a passionate heart for helping people and a true desire for putting the joy back into service.